Lucia Lučka Klanšek, Founder LLXLLQ

As all women, I have been dreaming about being able to wear beautiful, modern shoes that are comfortable, and I would feel good wearing them at all occasions. Alas, I am a woman with big feet. My whole life I had hard time finding beautiful, modern, and comfortable shoes that I would like and would fit me well.

Oh, how many times I would enter a store with gorgeous shoes but when I asked if they had my size they looked at me from head to toe, and answered with great contempt that they did not carry such sizes! Each time I experienced disappointment and humiliation anew, as if I was expecting the impossible because I wanted to buy beautiful shoes for myself as well.

I knew that the most beautiful and the most comfortable shoes were made in Italy. When I still lived in Europe, I found a store in Munich, Germany, where I would go to buy Italian shoes in bigger sizes.

In America, I faced the same problem again. I walked all over Manhattan and deliberately asked in each store for size 12 shoes. “NO, WE DON’T HAVE THEM!” The story was the same everywhere! Each time and again I could turn around immediately and leave the store. What a disappointment!

In the big Macy’s store in NYC, I would meet women from Europe, South America, from all over the world, who would be asking – full of hope – for size 12 shoes. They would have bought anything if they could only put on something that would fit them. They would dismiss us saying that they do not carry that!

When I realized that even in America I cannot find beautiful and comfortable shoes in my size, I decided to do something to change this.

As a businesswoman, I decided to find a solution. I started to research the reason for this situation. Because I knew that the best shoes had always been made in Italy, I went there. My life lead me to an excellent connoisseur and salesman of shoes in Trieste who understood my difficulties, as well as my business idea. He helped me find the best makers of hand-made shoes in Italy who were prepared to make models and lasts for bigger shoe sizes, and venture into something new for them as well.

Thus, the new shoe brand name has been born: LLXLLQ!




I enjoyed when I was offered a chance to select among the models, colors, materials, and allowed myself to exercise my creativity and make my longtime dreams come true: the beautiful, modern, and comfortable shoes!

But I am also a businesswoman, and of course, I wanted to make these shoes available to the greatest possible number of women with bigger feet. So I negotiated and secured the best prices and sales conditions for these top quality shoes to become truly available to women around the world to help them realize their dreams.

Lucia Lučka Klanšek