Why are our feet getting bigger?

Feet are getting bigger with each passing generation. Our living standard is higher and we have a massive supply of fast food available which stimulates growth hormone. 50 years ago the standard women shoe was size 5. Now it is size 8. Around 48% of all women wear shoes between 10 and 12. Designers have just not adapted that trend yet.

LLXLLQ featured in MyFashion Magazine

LLXLLQ has been featured in press. There is a 2 page article about LLXLLQ shoes on MyFashion magazine website and you can read it here http://www.my-fashionmagazine.com/#!18-19/coox

Make Money Selling LLXLLQ Shoes

Does your female friend have trouble finding the proper shoes, because she has larger feet? Well now you can help her and make money of it. Check out our affiliate marketing system and make 10% of the sale value.

Style for Bigger Feet (Tip #2)

Cate Blanchett knows what kind of shoes are the most flattering for her 11 size feet. This whole red carpet outfit was just perfect!

Buy LLXLLQ Carys now and make your outfit the best fit for your feet size

139.00 285.00

LLXLLQ / Daniele Ancarani CARYS Heels style is handmade from the finest most soft nappa leather in black and white, with a printed rose pattern. This shoe is like a piece of art, designed by Daniele Ancarani. The elegant high black heel, contrasting with white leather with printed suede roses, make these shoes unique and beautiful. Heel height: 4 in (10 cm).

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Style like Michelle Obama and Oprah

If you don't have personal stylist, look up to the fashion role-models and try out LLXLLQ shoes: Talia and Anya look like something Michelle and Oprah would wear.

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139.00 285.00
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Ladies, we have discounts!

High quality and comfortable designer shoes for professional women with up to 55% discount!

We are preparing a new LLXLLQ collection in sizes 10 to 12, that's why we have decided to offer you our last pairs of handmade Italian heelssandals and flats at attractive prices. The sale will last until the stock is sold.

Help your friend - give her a tip!

If 10 to 12 is not your shoe size, feel free to share this message or LLXLLQ website with your friends who have had their entire life a terrible time finding shoes that fit. We promise you they will be grateful! 

Good Walking Shoes for the Professional Woman

The 9-to-5 can be stressful enough without the agony of painful footwear to make it unbearable. After reading this, make a vow not to squeeze into those gorgeous heels that look so irresistible in the store and make you drown out all reason that screams ‘Regret!’ as you flag down the nearest shoe salesman. Promise yourself that you’ll no longer hobble down the hallways in the office at work and sigh in relief as you kick off those toe monsters once you’ve settled into your cubicle. And, once you’ve broken up with the too-good-to-be-true shoes that you knew deep down would break your heart, your purse, and almost your ankles, pledge to never turn back and move on to every professional female’s dream: stylish yet comfortable options of women’s wide shoes online.

Penelope, the Star of the Workplace

When it comes to a match made in heaven for the busy working woman, Penelope is the Holy Grail of all business footwear. Sleek but casual, this shoe is extremely cozy with a slipper-like feel that’ll make you ooze with satisfaction before, during, and after-hours. Penelope is hand-crafted suede from Italy and available in red and black to suit your personal taste.

Once You Go Penelope, You Never Go Back!

The saying is true, even for shoes. Well, the right kind, anyway. Penelope lives up to the promises of a designer shoe for professional working women with larger feet. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Go ahead – take a chance on footwear that’ll romance your toes into the happiest union between foot and shoe.

In the Words of a Pleased Customer

Cate, one of our happy patrons, had a lot of positive thoughts concerning her experience with Penelope.

“They are incredibly comfortable and sturdy, I can wear them all day and my feet don't feel sore and I don't feel the need to stop what I am doing so I can give my feet a break. They are also very versatile, I can wear them for a night on the town or I can wear them if I just want to have a low key day. I have not found much that I couldn't wear them for.”

Stop beating yourself up for the romance turned sour with uncomfortable footwear. It’s time to invest in better high-quality shoes that will help you get through the work day with ease and feet that are still in tact when you leave the office.

Lyndsey Ellis
Guest Blogger for LLXLLQ


Valentine's Super Sale


LLXLLQ Shoes at Rad Prices - Two Day Only Sale: 60% Off

We are opening our heart, and celebrate Valentine's this year and the fact that you have found us, by giving a 60% OFF the complete LLXLLQ shoe collection*. 
*Free shipping in the US. Free exchange. No returns. Offer expires midnight Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014. 

LLXLLQ shoes are handmade Italian shoes, in sizes 10-12. There are 48 different styles in up to 6 different colors. If you have any questions about sizes - please read this style and size review, or give us a call (650) 516 7463.

Use promo-code Valentine60 at www.llxllq.com, and receive 60% off.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 




Our current featured shoe available on a special, is our classic and one of the most popular shoe style MAI. A perfect colorful shoe for adding a splash of color to your wardrobe. It is comfortable too - and comes in half sizes.



*LLXLLQ MAI *Heels style is handmade in Italy from the best suede and comes in several different colors: red, pink, orange, black and blue. All of these colors are really bright, and will create a “wow-factor” for your outfit. The material is elastic suede, which make the shoe extraordinarily comfortable.

Now $119 (Original $190)

Free shipping in the US. Free returns and exchange. BUY YOUR SHOES NOW

*Offer expires Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014


Texting conversation after that shipped LLXLLQ shoes had arrived in NYC:

- Look what fits me! I just got home and tried them on.  {Photo below attached]

- Are they comfortable too? Looks great!  

- They really are!!! The heel is not too high. Oh these are the sexiest shoes. It's late and I love trying things on and admiring them and imagining walking into place. And just everyone looks at your shoes. These go with everything.  

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Summertime Shoe-cation

"I have never experienced a colder winter, 
than the summer in San Francisco". 

Marc Twain

In other parts of the world the last official summer day has just been announced. Living in the Bay Area, the summer - the Indian Summer - is spoiling us all. It couldn't be a better time to bring back a blog post previously shared on our last website, on the theme of Summer Shoe-cation, written by Lyndsay Ellis. Enjoy!


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LLXLLQ Featuring: Valencia Shanté, model and ex basketball pro, size 11

 How were you introduced to LLXLLQ large designer shoes for women?

During SF Fashion week last year, I met Johanna. I’d just come back from doing a fashion show in NY and was super excited. I'd never watched a runway show before; until then, I’d always just been in them. Witnessing one really gave me another perspective of what I can do better as a model. It wound up being a great experience and I got the chance to walk a competition they had at the end of the show. Afterwards, Johanna came up and introduced herself and LLXLLQ, which developed to me becoming a spokes model for LLXLLQ.

What has your experience been like with LLXLLQ footwear?

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New York Fashion Week

GreenBlackDress (GBD), offers a classic elegant women's eco-fashion line. We combine elegant clothing with clear conscience. We use sustainable and ecological fabrics and materials like silk, hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. GBD wants to be part of creating a better base for a sustainable fashion industry. 

GBD is designed by Anna Lindell, originally from Sweden, and currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

GBD launched during San Francisco Fashion Week one year ago, and has since been featured at the Vancouver Fashion Week, and has been a selected designer for CityBliss.com, and now Plitz New York City Fashion Week.  


LLXLLQ provides Italian handmade shoes for women in sizes 10-12, including half sizes. We have 48 different styles, in up to 6 different colors, for every occasion. The line is founded and designed by Lucia Lucka Klansek, who lived in NYC as an entrepreneur with size 12 and couldn't find her size shoes. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary with a shoe exhibition in San Francisco at Dolce Amore (to be featured tomorrow in SF Chronicle as a San Francisco hotspot.)

LLXLLQ has participated in San Francisco Fashion Week, Bay Area Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, and now Plitz NYFW as well as Runway The Real Way NYFW. 


www.Plitzs.com/nycfashionweek Designer: Anna Oels-Lindell, GreenBlackDress Shoes:  LLXLLQ by Daniele Ancarani Model Vanesa Cristina Rodriguez

Designer: Anna Oels-LindellGreenBlackDress
Shoes:  LLXLLQ by Daniele Ancarani
Model Vanesa Cristina Rodriguez

If the shoe fits

LLXLLQ Customer Shoe Size Fitting and Reviews

In order to facilitate for our online customers in choosing the right shoe size we have asked one of our customers, Karin Sundén, to come visit our “shoe closet” and do a shoe fitting and comparison of our complete shoe selection.

The LLXLLQ shoes are made by European manufactures and sizes, translated to US sizes. Since they are also made at a few different manufactures, who use different lasts to craft their shoes, the sizes may run a little different.

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One-Year Anniversary Shoe Exhibition!

LLXLLQ Shoe Exhibition: Cinderella The Right Shoes
LLXLLQ Shoe Exhibition: Cinderella The Right Shoes

Join LLXLLQ as we celebrate some of the world's most beautiful specialized shoes (10-12 sizes) in an intimate atmosphere at Dolce Amore.

Cinderella “The Right Shoes” is a celebration of beautiful Italian shoes, fashion and community; our opening reception will be a night to remember.  For the last year, we've designed a combination of timeless and the most modern styles in shoe fashion and sold our Italian leather shoes in stores throughout the Bay Area. This is our one-year anniversary at LLXLLQ and we promise it will be the best shoe event in San Francisco.

Kickoff Celebration - Join us for our opening reception, where 48 of our most stylish shoes from our latest collection will be for sale, and will be giving a 10% off at this exclusive event and throughout the exhibition. Enjoy a night of great conversation, entertainment and of course Italian wine and hors d'oeuvres provided by Dolce Amore, a miniature art cafe. You'll have the privilege of up-close-and personal interactions with fellow fashionistas and our team at LLXLLQ. 10% of the proceeds from the shoe exhibition will be donated to the GLIDE Foundation.

This is a free event.  Please show up early as the line will build quickly.


When: Opening Reception 5-7 pm, Friday, August 9th, 2013 - Shoe Exhibition August 9-31, 2013.

Where: Dolce Amore - 1477 Van Ness Ave (at corner of Pine Street), San Francisco

What: An event of shoe love and fashion enthusiasts. An informal fashion and shoe show will showcase Michael Boris design and LLXLLQ shoes, produced by Charleston Pierce. Entertainment will be provided by jazz pianist Grant Levin and GLIDE Ensemble lead vocalist, Emma Jean Foster.

Eventbrite - Shoe Exhibition: Cinderella - The Right Shoes

Price: FREE (must be 21+ years old to enter)

***RSVP does not guarantee entrance. First come first serve.***

LLXLLQshoes are made for walking in style. Our Italian craftsmen are known as the best at what they do! They are not only good but they are passionate about creating beauty for everyone, not just the people who can fit in! At LLXLLQ, we use our knowledge and unmistakable taste for beauty to make hand-crafted fashionable shoes that fit every lifestyle. Do not forget: these shoes are made for YOU, and for all occasions in your life. Read more about LLXLLQ

All shoes will be available for sale at a 10% reduced price matched with a 10% donation to GLIDE. Cinderella promotion is also available at the online store www.llxllq.com using promo code "TheRightShoes", with free shipping in the US. Ends Aug 31st, 2013.

Dolce Amore Shoe Exhibition LLXLLQ

Stores Carrying LLXLLQ Shoes:

Dantone - Milano 1784 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 Isabella Boutique 152 S. Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Junction Shoes 324 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo, CA 94960

Newfangles - Tall Fashion 3223 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

Event Registration Online for Shoe Exhibition: Cinderella - The Right Shoes powered by