LLXLLQ is now on Copious

LLXLLQ was invited to exhibit at San Francisco Fashion Week a few weeks ago and we met so many amazing people and organizations. Not only are there some very talented designers and models out there, but also fashion start-ups.

One of them is Copious, which is a social marketplace where people can sell and buy fashion items from each other, such as clothes and accessories. The items can be used or new. LLXLLQ is proud to announce that you can find all our shoes on Copious and we definitely think you should join us and the Copious community of fashionistas. And as always, shipping is on us,* even when you order from Copious.

And since we’re talking about fun fashion start-ups… We chatted with the team from raf9 who has a fashion tool in the pipeline where users such as designers and stylists can create their own fashion, modeling, and style channels. We can’t wait for the launch!

Happy shopping!


* Shipping is free in the US

About: LLXLLQ offers women high-quality shoes in sizes 10-12. The shoes are designed by the founder and CEO Lucia Lucka Klansek and handcrafted in Italy. In one marketplace, http://www.llxllq.com, women can find beautiful and comfortable shoes for every occasion. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Read more.