Today: LLXLLQ's First Photo Shoot

Today we're really excited because we're shooting our first photo shoot ever!

We will be working with four gorgeous models to show our shoes from the LLXLLQ Launch Collection. The place we have chosen is Grace Cathedral, which we think is one of the most beautiful spots in San Francisco. If you happen to be in San Francisco, come and watch our photo shoot live on this very day of beauty! We will be at Grace Cathedral around 4pm, we don't think you can miss us and our team.

Fingers crossed for a rain-free day!


Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth


LLXLLQ offers women high-quality shoes in sizes 10-12. The shoes are designed by the founder and CEO Lucia Lucka Klansek and handcrafted in Italy. In one marketplace,, women can find beautiful and comfortable shoes for every occasion. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Read more.