Fashion Forward

LLXLLQ / Daniele Ancarani Shoes - Fashion Forward
LLXLLQ / Daniele Ancarani Shoes - Fashion Forward

The LLXLLQ launch collection has seven shoe models designed by the Italian ladie's footwear designer Daniele Ancarani - see all the LLXLLQ/Daniele Ancarani models here.

What these two models above, LEXI (handmade from the best suede and come in three different colors: blue, orange, and black/grey) and ANYA (python printed leather in one color: cannella), have in common is the heel. The high heel is made out of a matching tinted see-through vinyl, which makes it unique. They create a “wow factor.”

"Fashion forward" has been the comment in common. Great for the festive occasion and a favorite among our model customers for the runway.

See which one of the LLXLLQ/Daniele Ancarani shoes that is your favorite: click here. Enjoy,


Do you have an opinion about shoe fashion for larger sizes? Participate in our Focus Group next Sunday, November 18. Click here for more info.