A Large Scale Cinderella Story?


This past Monday we had one good news, and one bad - or should we say corky?

The good news: the first retail store to carry the LLXLLQ shoes Dantone - Milano, located at 1784 Union Street, San Francisco. Starting December 8, 2012 you can come and try and purchase a selection of the shoes. We are so excited!

The bad news: during the evening of Monday December 3, 2012, there was a break-in in the car carrying our 50 LLXLLQ shoe samples. The shoe samples were used in order to present our line to local retail stores, in the effort to make the shoes available for our customers offline.

Now, for us that means a full loss of 50 pairs of shoes - pairs that we intended to sell later on, and donate the profits to several local women’s charities. For the thief on the other hand - they are left with 50 single shoes - all right-footed. So for them of no use.

Somewhat a corky story - reminding of #CinderellaShoes - a hash tag we have selected for our search. Now we are looking for the prince charming who will bring us the shoes back.

Please spread the word - we are hoping that someone will return the shoes - no questions asked. A reward will be given to the person who is returning them.

The LLXLLQ Team 

About: LLXLLQ offers women high-quality shoes in sizes 10-12. The shoes are designed by the founder and CEO Lucia Lucka Klansek and handcrafted in Italy. In one marketplace, http://www.llxllq.com, women can find beautiful and comfortable shoes for every occasion. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Read more.