Oversized Shoes?

LLXLLQ focus on providing quality shoes, handmade in Italy, to women with larger sizes - size 10-12, including half sizes, to be specific. While attending FN Platform, the shoe show at Magic, in Las Vegas, the larger sizes shoes were referred to as "oversized shoes" or "extended sizes".

The truth is that you don't need to be either, tall, athlete, model, or plus size to have larger size feet. Larger, meaning above size 9.5/10, where most shoe brands and stores end in size range. The average size foot is becoming larger and larger - someone said: "Yes! A size 10 is the new size 8".

Clearly, when it comes to oversized shoes - it is relative. The small shoe in this photo above shows the LLXLLQ shoe style MAI, available in Red, Blue, Black, Pink and Orange. You can buy it here: LLXLLQ MAI.

Stand tall in style,