Mothers Day Feature: Camilla and Cate Olson

Camilla Cate Olson Mothers Day Feature

Camilla Olson is a local Bay Area (Palo Alto) based fashion designer, and creator of the label Camilla Olson, providing eco-friendly accessories and ready-to-wear clothing. You may have seen her design on either the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards, in the White House, or on the runway at Lincoln Center in New York City during Mercedes Benz fashion week. Her daughter Cate is a 2013 Collage Graduate, and is just about to take the next step in her life into the professional world of finance with GM Finance in Texas. We want to say congratulations to that, and the fact that they both wear a size 10-10,5 in LLXLLQ shoes.

We invited Camilla Olson and her daughter Cate for a mother's day feature. "Come for a visit to the LLXLLQ shoe closet, and try on all the shoes. Make a selection of your top three styles, and then bring home to match them with one of your Camilla Olson design clothing." The LLXLLQ shoe collection has 48 different styles in up to 6 different colors, so there are plenty of variety to chose from.

On the topic of finding large sizes shoes Cate answered: "Having had large size shoes has been difficult to say the least. Finding large shoes has been, especially on the younger size, for prom and events, very difficult. Heels in particular and comfortable heels. Usually I had to special order them, since they don't normally carry the shoes in the stores. Then order them blindly online and pray that they fit. That's my experience of having larger size shoes. And then LLXLLQ came along, and now I have an endless supply of comfortable shoes that I know will fit."

"I am so glad to see this design, that you can afford, and something that fits you. It just rarely happens. In fact it never happens." adds Camilla Olson.

Camilla is not only a fantastic designer, she is also an inspiration when it comes to following your dream. In the video interview below she touches on her background coming from Microbiology, and since fairly recent becoming a "young fashion designer". Her website shares a couple of other details that makes the journey she had done so far even more impressive:

"B.S. Microbiology, U of MD MBA Marketing, Fairleigh Dickinson U. MFA Fashion & Textile Design, Academy of Art University, cum laude

Camilla is an inventor holding 2 US patents. She has 30 years of life sciences industry experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, operating manager and was on the founding team for 5 start-ups. Following time as community & school volunteer, Camilla returned to school to earn her MFA. She loves working on the "other" side of her brain!"

Watch the videos to see what shoe selection and clothing-match they both made.  You can also watch the photo slide show from the whole afternoon - and if you have a wish to do the same, please let us know! Email

Enjoy - and happy mothers day! Or what Camilla suggested to toast for during this afternoon: for love, happiness and success.

The LLXLLQ Team 

Below is the full playlist of the afternoon. Play and see it all, or go to: 1. Intro to Camilla Olson, what we did and the experience of personal shopping and bringing the shoes home. 2. Shoe Choice by Camilla Olson - laser cut designed shoes. 3. Shoe choice by Cate Olson - the perfect collage graduate shoes. 4. Additional shoe choices by Cate Olson - changing the fashion for the world of finance. 5. Behind the scene photos of LLXLLQ shoes and Camilla Olson Clothing choices.