Featured Stylist: E. Denise Johnson, Michael Boris NYC

LLXLLQ had the pleasure to work with wardrobe stylist E. Denise Johnson and Michael Boris designed clothing for our first photo shoot in San Francisco, October 2012.

E. Denise Johnson has been surrounded by fashion since she was born, and have a well-rounded professional career in the field. Early on she was on the original staff as assistant store manager opening the first flag ship store for Ralph Lauren in New York City, 1984. Since then she also worked with Ralph Lauren in Paris. She has worked at the upscale specialty clothing store Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco and Palo Alto, as well as on the creative advertising side booking models for the founder Marie Christine at Look Agency. Today she is the west coast representative for Michael Boris Clothing and a highly appreciated wardrobe stylist for private individuals.

Designer Michael Boris, based out of New York City, is referred to as The Master of Anonymous Luxury. During 35 years he has mainly been serving his made-to-order clients. He is also represented in Wilkes Bashford, Nieman Marcus, as well as specialty stores nation wide.

Below you can read E. Denise Johnson's point of view with regards to shoes, or watch the video that also includes photos from the photo shoot with Michael Boris Design clothing.

"My name is Denise Johnson, and I work with designer Michael Boris out of New York. I guess he would call me his assistant here on the West Coast, and I oversee his show room here in San Francisco.

We are here to prepare for a photo shoot of LLXLLQ to get the shoe line up and running and complement your shoes."

What role does shoes play when it comes to fashion? "I alway say that  shoes are your most important accessory. That is how I have always seen it in fashion, when ladies are trying on things. One of the first things I always want to do is to find the appropriate shoes to the appropriate outfit. Shoes will make or brake your ensemble."  

What is your advise on selecting shoes? "I like the the classics. Yes, there is fashion. You have the higher heels, the medium heels, and the flats. The beauty right now for women is that we aren't dictated by any type of heel hight as women has been in the past. Now it's basically what works for you as a woman, and there is a nice variety of option out on the market place right now.

The most important thing is: find what works for you and make sure that you can walk in them."

On the topic of not having size 10-12 in shoes... "Well - I am disappointed too and one size can't fit them all unfortunately. Even if they may not work for me, I think they [LLXLLQ shoes] are beautiful, and there are some lucky ladies out there who will be able to wear them.

I think that it is great that there is something that they will be able to wear, that is designed for them, for ladies of a certain shoe size. That hasn't been the case in the past, and it is great that they have some variety and have beautiful shoes."

The new Michael Boris Fall 2013 collection is available at Wilkes Bashford San Francisco until Friday, June 28. It is well worth a visit. Much like the LLXLLQ shoes, the Michael Boris clothing provide comfort and quality in well-designed and handcrafted pieces.