Milano - Where the Footprints of Spring are Created

They say: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - New York, New York - where spring begins. 

We say: Milano Shoe Exhibition - the MICAM - where the footprints of spring are created. 

As New York Fashion Week reached it's end, the Milano Shoe Exhibition started.

The LLXLLQ shoes had just been featured on two runways in New York Fashion Week, and been chosen shoe design for a music video, as the partnering designer Daniele Ancarani  and LLXLLQ founder and shoe designer Lucia Lucka Klansek meets in Milano, Italy.   

Lucia Lucka is wearing the
LLXLLQ / Daniele Ancarani Shoe "NINA" , available in our online store for $140. 

What our customer have said about this shoe style:

"With these shoes - every day is a holiday!"
"These shoes are great for spring - so whimsical!"

What our founder said about this shoe style: 

"This red shoe, decorated with cherries, stood out from the rest. I have never been able to have that kind of shoe before – with fun details, beautiful color, and in my size, 12."

They are unique. And they do spread joy. 

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Lucia Lucka Klansek and Daniele Ancarani, MICAM, Milano September 2013