Summertime Shoe-cation

"I have never experienced a colder winter, 
than the summer in San Francisco". 

Marc Twain

In other parts of the world the last official summer day has just been announced. Living in the Bay Area, the summer - the Indian Summer - is spoiling us all. It couldn't be a better time to bring back a blog post previously shared on our last website, on the theme of Summer Shoe-cation, written by Lyndsay Ellis. Enjoy!


The weather's pleasant, there's plenty to do, and the fashion scene is leaving an incredible impression on those who want to turn their wardrobes up a notch this summer. If you're still in need of that perfect sandal to give your confidence and clothing a boost, you've come to the right place. Check out what's in store for the remaining months of mostly clear skies and anticipated leisure.

Betty & Savannah

Some footwear exhibits so much personality that they're deserving of human names. Meet Betty and Savannah, two of LLXLLQ's feature sandals. Handmade in Italy and available in varying colors, these beauties promise to deliver comfort and quality for every occasion this season. Both of these wide width designer shoes for women each have their own dose of magic that shines differently in each shoe owner.

“She’s a Total Betty!”

So, every Betty you’ve met, or heard of, probably embodied self-confidence, originality, and, magnetism, right? Think about it: actresses Betty White and Bette Davis, activist Betty Shabazz, comic series heroine Betty from Betty & Veronica, etc. Well, here’s another awesome Betty to add to the list.

Created from the best suede, Betty sandals are ready for purchase in pink, blue, yellow, and red. They have a softness that exudes femininity and offer an abundance of arch support for the feet. It’s the ideal shoe for a first date over dinner at sunset or dancing with friends on a cool, moonlit night.

Savannah, the Southern Belle of Sandals

Like a freshly picked Georgian peach, Savannah displays a rare sweetness coupled with a low-key charm. This all-purpose sandal is undoubtedly a classic prize. The flower that’s located in its center gives it just a hint of fanciness without making it too fussy. Its small heel spells out elegant but simple, lady-like yet adventurous.

One would never guess that such a doll of a shoe comes with its own protective gear. The rubber sole on its bottom helps to avoid messy slips and falls. Its open toe makes it easy for your feet to exhale while you go through the motions of your day. Also plentiful in colors, Savannah sandals come in red, black, and white.

Happy Customers Galore

Elizabeth Jacobo selected a pair of Betty’s in yellow to help brighten her feet’s appearance for the summer. 

"I picked these because they are fun and happy, summer shoes,” says Jacobo. “The heel is not too narrow and they are comfortable. These are the most comfortable strappy summer suede shoes I have ever owned."

Also, our youngest customer thus far, 14-year-old Klara, is from Palo Alto, CA. The local basketball player was the first appointment for a closet shoe sale and tried on a minimum of 10 items before she chose Betty in pink and Savannah in white.


If the Shoe Fits, Wear It Well

Pick your favorite style and all into character with new sandals from LLXLLQ to experience a fashionable summer beyond measure. Your feet will definitely thank you!

LLXLLQ Sandals Betty (yellow) and Savannah (red)

LLXLLQ Sandals Betty (yellow) and Savannah (red)