Good Walking Shoes for the Professional Woman

The 9-to-5 can be stressful enough without the agony of painful footwear to make it unbearable. After reading this, make a vow not to squeeze into those gorgeous heels that look so irresistible in the store and make you drown out all reason that screams ‘Regret!’ as you flag down the nearest shoe salesman. Promise yourself that you’ll no longer hobble down the hallways in the office at work and sigh in relief as you kick off those toe monsters once you’ve settled into your cubicle. And, once you’ve broken up with the too-good-to-be-true shoes that you knew deep down would break your heart, your purse, and almost your ankles, pledge to never turn back and move on to every professional female’s dream: stylish yet comfortable options of women’s wide shoes online.

Penelope, the Star of the Workplace

When it comes to a match made in heaven for the busy working woman, Penelope is the Holy Grail of all business footwear. Sleek but casual, this shoe is extremely cozy with a slipper-like feel that’ll make you ooze with satisfaction before, during, and after-hours. Penelope is hand-crafted suede from Italy and available in red and black to suit your personal taste.

Once You Go Penelope, You Never Go Back!

The saying is true, even for shoes. Well, the right kind, anyway. Penelope lives up to the promises of a designer shoe for professional working women with larger feet. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Go ahead – take a chance on footwear that’ll romance your toes into the happiest union between foot and shoe.

In the Words of a Pleased Customer

Cate, one of our happy patrons, had a lot of positive thoughts concerning her experience with Penelope.

“They are incredibly comfortable and sturdy, I can wear them all day and my feet don't feel sore and I don't feel the need to stop what I am doing so I can give my feet a break. They are also very versatile, I can wear them for a night on the town or I can wear them if I just want to have a low key day. I have not found much that I couldn't wear them for.”

Stop beating yourself up for the romance turned sour with uncomfortable footwear. It’s time to invest in better high-quality shoes that will help you get through the work day with ease and feet that are still in tact when you leave the office.

Lyndsey Ellis
Guest Blogger for LLXLLQ