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New York, New York!  

Back to where we started, to the city where the idea and realized need of LLXLLQ originated.  

We are very happy to have show-cased the LLXLLQ shoe line on two runways during the New York Fashion Week - at the same time! 

Plitz New York Fashion Week - designer showcase GreenBlackDress.

GreenBlackDress, designed by Anna Oels-Lindell and LLXLLQ have collaborated from launch in San Francisco 2012.

Both brands were showcased together at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring 2013, and now we do it again, in New York.  

Runway The Real Way - Featured Brand LLXLLQ

One-year anniversary Fashion Brunch at Yotel Hotel, produced by Errickson Wilcox and curated by Catherine Schuller: Runway The Real Way. 

The brunch was well attended by 600 guests! Photos and videos will come.