Shoe Sizes

You probably know that not all shoes fit to your feet perfectly even if they are the same size. Among different manufactures shoe sizes vary a bit.

How find the best fit at LLXLLQ?

Measure your foot length and use Size Chart to figure out witch shoe size fits you best.

In Size Chart, the inches and centimeters represent the length of your foot, not the shoe. When measuring your foot, please measure the entire length of your foot, which is the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe (see the image).

foot size shoe size
LLXLLQ international shoe sizes UK EU US Inches Cm

Some shoe models may be a bit longer. In those cases we have put additional info in shoe description.

To be even more confident with your decision about which size to order, read Karin's feedback on sizing and comfort. She is our customer who did a shoe fitting and comparison of our complete shoe selection. Read all comments here >> 

We hope these information will be enough to help you decide on shoe size. And do not worry if for some reason new shoes don't fit - you can return them in business 10 days. Read the return policy here >>